XAM A441


Splash water area All mosaic areas, which are sometimes exposed by very small amounts of water. For example the backsplash in the kitchen or behind the sink.
Wet areas All mosaic areas which are temporary exposed by a higher amount of water. For example tiled shower walls.

Product data

Sheet 327x302 mm
Stone 25x25x4 mm
Country China
Usage Living Space, Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower
Application Wall, Indoor,
Material Mix Translucent/Stainless Steel
Optics N/A
Surface glossy
Color silver,
Type Backside mesh mounted,
Form Square,
Joint 4,0 mm
Sheet units per pallet 720
Squaremeters per sheet 0,099 qm
Weight per sheet 0,75 kg
Packaging quotient 0,050
Units per carton 10
Squaremeters per carton 0,99 qm
Weight per carton 7,50 kg
Commodity code 70161000
EAN code carton 4019525677709
EAN code sheet 4019525677716