Noce Series

  • PEI 4
  • Frost resistance
  • Wet areas
  • Surefootness
  • Splash water area
  • Outdoor
  • Floor
  • Indoor
  • Wall
  • Hexagon
  • Multiverbund
  • Pencil
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • beige
  • red
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    Series Noce
    Sheet 100x100 mm
    Stone 100x100x10 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 305x305 mm
    Stone 305x305x10 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 406x610 mm
    Stone 406x610x12 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 0 mm
    Stone 203x203/203x406/406x406/406x610x12 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 305x305 mm
    Stone 23x23x10 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 305x305 mm
    Stone 48x48x10 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 406x70 mm
    Stone 406x70x12 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 305x15 mm
    Stone 305x15x15 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 305x48 mm
    Stone 305x48x25 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 75x150 mm
    Stone 75x150x10 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 305x305 mm
    Stone 23x23+23x48+48x48x48*75x10 mm
    Series Noce
    Sheet 199x262 mm
    Stone 98x110x10 mm
      Abrieb 1 PEI 1 Is intended for low stressed floors, primarily stepped on bare feet. Like the masters bathroom.
      Abrieb 2 PEI 2 Is intended for low stressed floors, primarily stepped by slippers. Like private living rooms.
      Abrieb 3 PEI 3 Is for normal stressed floors which can be also stepped by normal shoes. Like the floor or the living room.
      Abrieb 4 PEI 4 Is for heavily used and highly frequented living or business rooms.
      Dauernassbereich Permanent wet area All areas, which a heavily exposed and also submerged in water. For example shower floors or pools. Ceramic mesh mounted mosaics can only be installed in pools when installed correctly (e.g. all areas with Epoxy glue).
      Frostbeständig Frost resistance Mosaics with this pictogram are frost resistant and for outdoor areas.
      Nassbereich Wet areas All mosaic areas which are temporary exposed by a higher amount of water. For example tiled shower walls.
      Rutschhemmung Surefootness Mosaics with the surefootness symbol marked with with R9 or R10 and/or with the letters A,B,C.
      Spritzwasserbereich Splash water area All mosaic areas, which are sometimes exposed by very small amounts of water. For example the backsplash in the kitchen or behind the sink.

      Natural Antique Concept series